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Consulting, business planning

Very often, many companies face a problem of insufficiency of financial resources for own projects realization. The majority of them try to solve this problem at the expense of current profit, increasing the share capital or attraction of short-term or mid-term bank credits on liquid assets backing.

Unfortunately, the raised funds, frequently, allow supporting only operation of the company at certain level, but they are insufficient to carry out qualitative growth. Many our clients face the same problems. For us, the question of maintenance with financial resources is a part of a capital investment project realization as a whole, therefore we are interested in such conditions of financial assets attraction that would be as much as possible favorable. We do not act in a role of the credit broker, and we offer the most effective financial scheme of realization of the project, proceeding from requirements of the Client and existed means.

Depending on conditions of realization of the concrete project, our experts will pick up an optimum way of money resources attraction. It can be: attraction of the Bank credit on conditions more favorable to the Borrower (we work with both Russian and Foreign Banks), and participation of the strategic or financial investor which is included into the project by share purchase in an authorized capital stock. Within the limits of this activity we develop Business plan, the realization of the financial scheme of a project and provide with financing.


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