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As of today, it is more and more attractive a realization of projects in the agriculture and food processing sphere. Interest to this branch is caused not only by world food crisis and the increasing price for agriculture products, but also active support of this sort of projects by the federal authority and a local administration, including by subsidizing of a part of percent on the credit. Especially economically realization of similar projects in regions of Russia is attractive. They are characterized by lower cost of ground resources in comparison with the central regions and availability of a source of raw materials.

Examples of projects which are realized by company PROJECT LINE:

The Factory of potato processing in Rybinsk.

The project assumes building and the further functioning of the factory on processing of a crude commodity potato. An end-product of processing of a commodity potato are the fresh cooled packed products - a potato cut by segments, and the calibrated potato with a shelf life of 6 months.

In order to provide the consumer with the line of products, the factory equipped with a production line of other cleared root crops: for example, beets. Besides, production of the cleared vegetables under the factory trade mark at other enterprises is possible.

For today there are no analogues neither the project, nor the product in Russia, and there is a market niche for the products and a large sales market.

Factory of canned food production in Rostov region.

The project provides factory building on processing of fruit-and-vegetable production in freeze or preserved. Except wide range of the freeze production, the new factory will manufacture all line of tinned products: tinned tomatoes, cucumbers, salads, a tomato paste, and compotes.

The project has the priority for the Rostov region, and is supported by administration of district and the governor of the Rostov region.


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