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Construction contractor

Work with a reliable company!

The construction contractor is fully responsible for carrying out construction, reconstruction and finishing works. It is an important stage in project realization which requires experience and liability.  Russia has some specific features in construction works different from Western standards. Being a construction contractor we combine western business approach and an approach of a reliable Russian company.

Usually we carry out a general contract using a principle of an “opened book”, choosing subcontractors in cooperation with clients on a tender basis. Sometimes our clients require to conclude contracts with contractors they already worked with and we always meet their requirements in these cases. 

On a general contractor basis we carry out construction works of any objects. The general contract is also convenient for renovation and finishing works.  It reduces the period of projects realization and convenient for clients.

We have built up long-term relationships with many international companies which once decided to work with us. You can have a look at our projects.

Our main advantage among other Russian companies is ability to speak different languages. In addition, we have a big project department that issues projects and adopts foreign projects to Russian standards and rules. To make our client feel completely comfortable and safe we obtain all necessary permissions for the beginning of construction.

We would be pleased to receive your call.


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