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The Article «EXACT CALCULATION» is published in the magazine «SOCIETY ELITE» issued in December, 2006


The fashion and luxury world is ruled by exact calculations. Any item should find its consumer. And where, as not in the shop, appears the desire to purchase it?! Right here, one of the main secrets of the Luxury goods manufacturers is hidden - to create correct atmosphere for the client that will associate with a brand and to dispose for purchase. The Owner of Boutique with a world-wide known name will not entrust the designing to the company which do not have an experience of the luxury projects realization. First of all, the Owner will address to the professionals who thoroughly know the technological part of the issue and world trends of retail. Behind any glamour, stays a verified technology. The Russian company PROJECT LINE, as no other, is able to realize this technology so that the Owners of the leading world brands with surprise recognize that their boutiques in Moscow - are the best on a technical embodiment of design.

Such recalls, according to general director of PROJECT LINE, Agatov Boris, work with Boutiques of Dior, Escada etc., has been awarded.

Elite brands are the major customers of PROJECT LINE. About 80 % of customers are the projects of such legislators of a fashion and style, as Dior, Ralph Laurent, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Piaget, Escada and other brands. PROJECT LINE has wide partner relations with many companies. One of the basic partners is company Arch 4. Together with this company, a number of very successful joint projects had been executed. For more than two years of work the company has designed 120 shops, including the mass consumer sector: Zara, Pull&Bear, Bershka, Incity, Equipage.

It is possible to consider as a business card of PROJECT LINE great number of boutiques possessed on Stoleshnikov per., and adjoined to it Petrovka and B.Dmitrovka street, Tretjakovsky pr. Probably, the availability of "luxury" streets also is a main indicator of a city prestige. It is no wonder that they can be seen in any megacity of the world. As a rule, they are possessed in a prestigious city districts, historical or a business centers, in places where the most well-founded public lives.

More often they began to appear in Russia. Being in the direct participation of PROJECT LINE, such streets will be organized in St.-Petersburg, Sochi, Nizhni Novgorod and other cities of Russia. And it is just the beginning. The Russian market is one of the most priorities for "luxury" brands. Demand for expensive goods in Russia, according to brands, grows "in itself" to 20 % a year. And if to involve the additional investments on marketing: frequency of assortment updating, quality of the personnel and other, - grow up to 50 %.

Judging by the success of the PROJECT LINE services use, it is possible to tell that Owners of boutiques willingly use the complex of services offered by the company.

«To design shop, the comprehension of the average check sum of purchase and level, suffices us. We always go from the goods», - tells Agatov Boris. Under these indicators arranges everything: zoning, level of the trading equipment and level of complexity of design.

PROJECT LINE knows how to surprise the clients. Its experts possess more than 10 year-old operational experience in this market and own unique technologies.

Hardly, in Russia there will be another company which knows a technical aspect of prestigious boutiques opening project realization better, than PROJECT LINE. Partnership with the most known Luxury class Brands is the confirmation of its professionalism.

PROJECT LINE - the company of a complete cycle provides a complete complex of services in management and consulting on all questions, connected with opening of a Luxury class Boutiques or a retail trade system, from selection of premises, issue of the concept and the design, delivery of the exclusive trading equipment, developing the concept of illumination, issuing of architectural and engineering projects before management of the project, coordination of a design documentation, reception of permissions to conducting works and fulfillment of functions of the General contractor.

The providing of complex and professional services allows PROJECT LINE to realize projects with the maximum quality in the shortest terms that promotes successful development of business for its Clients.

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