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Company history

Company PROJECT LINE had been founded in 2004. Founders of the company, being based on the knowledge, a long-term operational experience in retail area, have correctly estimated prospects of development of the market which has developed at that point in time of the commercial and trading real estate. As a result, created a company, which having regarded as of paramount importance the complex approach to granting of services, has quickly entered on the market.

During the existence in the market, the company has grown into the structure consisting of 40 skilled professionals, working in a joint team.

The initially basic package of PROJECT LINE orders was formed by a Luxury class brands - such legislators of fashion as Dior, Ralph Lauren, Cartier, Van Cleef and Arpels, Piaget, Escada, Omega, Breguet and etc. Having entrusted to the young company building of the trendy boutiques, Owners of the world brands recognized that on a technical embodiment of design their Boutiques in Moscow are among the best.

For some years growth of requirements to quality of CASUAL segment boutiques, has made PROJECT LINE service claimed in the market of casual brands. During its existence, the company has executed more than 300 projects in a casual segment, such as Zara, Pull&Bear, Bershka, Incity, Stradivarius, Oysho, Triumph, Esprit.

PROJECT LINE also works with the Russian customers, among which: Rusdel, Kangaroo, Yax!, Swatch Group RUS, Adamas, МАRATEX, The Empire of Childhood, Nokia, Volkswagen RUS and others.

For today, the Company takes the Head items in sphere of project installation, management and commissioning of «luxury», «premium» and «casual» class Boutiques.

Market demands were changing - the services represented by PROJECT LINE developed and extended. Particularly, services in coordination, lay-out of marketing and architectural concepts, delivery of the exclusive equipment.

The architecture-design department, that was created in the middle of 2006, is carrying out projects both architectural and engineering, and also, making adaptation of the western design concepts to Russian construction, fire and sanitary regulations.

Besides, Clients of the company constantly faced a problem, searching the suitable area for shop opening. The situation with the areas, having an enter from the street and located in the basic trading corridors of big cities (such as Kuznetskiy most, Petrovka, Tverskaya, Nevskiy prospect), still remains very difficult. For satisfaction of Clients requirements in premise searching, in the beginning of 2006 in the company appears Commercial Real Estate Department.

Now the company has new directions of development. These are the projects connected with building of Large Industrial Targets.

The most Distinctive feature of the PROJECT LINE is the individual approach to the Client, integrated approach of represented services, and a choice quality of all services. Here work People with a wide experience, and the maximum technical education. It is necessary to notice also that all employees of PROJECT LINE possess one or several foreign languages, what considerably will facilitate process of cooperation with foreign partners.

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